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Far reaching perceivability and security for your open cloud

Programmed disclosure: Quickly find and stock resources being used over any number of open cloud accounts being used in your association.

Lessen assault surface: Instantly and ceaselessly distinguish your most powerless administrations. Organize remediation chip away at the most serious dangers.

Find basic dangers different devices miss: Halo Cloud Secure offers the best security perceivability scope for AWS with an arrangement of more than 20,000 approach watches that screen the control plane and information plane of your environment– virtual machines, compartments, and serverless workloads.

Single sheet of glass: Comprehensive perceivability and security appraisal of open cloud resources in a solitary apparatus.

Consistent consistence: Monitor for consistence infringement by evaluating information against a wide cluster of basic consistence benchmarks and models.

Incorporated speed: Enable DevSecOps with mechanized security work processes to boost proficiency and adequacy. Work processes in Halo Cloud Secure are accessible as REST-empowered API works so your group can mechanize the CI/CD pipeline to enhance operational proficiency.

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