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Month: August 2018

Actor Koena Mitra tweets fake ‘love jihad’ rate list

On August 4, 2018, actor Koena Mitra tweeted an image of what appeared to be an extract from a newspaper, Sanjha Lokswami. It showed a rate list with a price tag put on non-Muslim women with an exhortation to lure them and convert them to Islam. The price ranged from Rs. 6 lakh for a Hindu […]

Article outlining right-wing perspective on Kashmir falsely credited to author Ira Pande

‘Kashmir is an integral part of India’. I have heard this line parroted by leaders of all political hues. It has always sounded like an arbitrary statement designed to rebuff Pakistan, and to reaffirm India’s military might over a coveted geographical area. Recently I came across facts that have changed my perspective on Kashmir totally. […]

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